Bucket List

The essence of any good bucket list consists of overcoming fears, achieving goals, realizing dreams and even simple pleasures. Whether it’s an exotic adventure half-way around the world or something simpler, like spending more time with your family or friends, what matters is that you experience all the good and phenomenal things Earth offers.
― Michael Bock in his Life'd article

  • Climb The Great Wall of China. ― completed in 1996 and 2008
  • Watch a solar eclipse. ― completed in 1998
  • Watch 'The Phantom of the Opera'. ― completed in 2007
  • Try to learn French. ― completed in 2008
  • Visit Paris, the City of Love. ― completed in 2009
  • Marvel at Antonio Gaudi's architectures ― completed in 2009
  • Try bellydancing. ― completed in 2011
  • Experience Hanami in Japan. ― completed in 2013
  • Watch others run with the bulls from a verandah in Pamplona.
  • Visit Riomaggiore, Italy. 
  • Take a complete beach vacation.
  • Take a picture of me jumping at Salt Lakes in Bolivia.
  • Learn a new word everyday for a year.
  • See the Pyramids of Giza and join in the Sun Festival at Abu Simbel.
  • See Aurora Borealis and I don't care where.
  • Have a little herb garden of my own.
  • Do volunteer work.
  • Try Adriano Zumbo's desserts.
  • Paint all my fingernails a different colour each. 
  • Go Nepal and make it up to Mt. Everest Base Camp.
  • Come up with an exercise routine that I wouldn't give up.
  • Participate in La Tomatina in Buñol.

This is a growing bucket list.

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