Instagram photo of silver alphabet balloons taken at Singapore Night Festival 2013.

The idea of restarting a blog again came to me in a whim late one night, in a period of my life when I was feeling very much my age. I am hoping that this blog will spark off more imagination in the process even though I have no doubt that it will mostly be used to document about the on-goings of my life, mundane as it might be.

I've wanted, for the longest time, to have an outlet to express my travel experiences because all they ever exist right now are in some photo albums and in my head and who knows when I'll stop remembering. I also know that I want to try new things in Life, be it as small as a different haircut or as major as re-locating (hypothetically speaking). I don't have a clear idea right now what exactly these new experiences are and what they would entail but as they morph into tangible ideas, I hope they would appear as truthful and unbiased encounters right here at Lullanotes.

Reach her at lullanotes at gmail dot com.

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