The Art of the Bricks

by Lullanotes on Thursday, March 21, 2013

All pictures shown above are instagrammed by yours truly

Nathan Sawaya left his job as an attorney to pursue his dream as a LEGO artist. He is to date, the only person ever to be recognized as both a LEGO Master Builder and a LEGO Certified Professional (Yes I know I am talking about 'certifications' even in my blog world). His exhibition is now showing at Marina Bay Sands' ArtScience Museum. I had never played with LEGO bricks in my life and let my imagination run wild creating something by hand. The most vivid memories of my childhood was really me picnicking in my flat by the corridor holding tea parties for dolls, the way Enid Blyton described it. Building LEGO is just not something I do since I had limited exposure to it as a child and as an adult, but instead I expended all that energy into reading books and re-creating book scenarios instead. LEGO bricks is to Nathan Sawaya like books are to me. The only construction tendency I have is how big and grand I would like my future library to be. However because I suck majorly at the artistic endeavour, I am all for supporting people who have the flair and the balls to make art their living.

Read more about Nathan Sawaya here.

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