Bondi Beach

by Lullanotes on Saturday, December 29, 2012

What's a trip to Sydney without visiting one of its famed beaches?

We stayed at Admiral Collingwood Lodge at Drummoyne, a suburb 6 kilometres away from Sydney CBD and luckily for us, all it took was two bus rides to get to Bondi. In my experience, I've found that taking bus rides in an unfamiliar city gave us a really good opportunity to go sight-seeing so I didn't mind that the length of time it took.

In all honesty, I expected the beach to be larger and to have more people on it but it was a little rainy that day so there wasn't much of a crowd. The beach sand is soft and fine, unlike in Singapore so I spent about two hours just lounging at the beach with my Kindle. It's a pity we completely missed the sight of Bondi Beach turning crimson.

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